We Have the Financing Your Healthcare Practice Needs

All medical practices need a healthy amount of working capital to continue running smoothly. At Rhino Commercial Capital, we’ve created a healthcare financing program that’s appropriate for all types of medical practices and healthcare professionals. Whether you own a veterinary practice or you work as a dentist, we can provide you with the working capital you require to purchase equipment and supplies or meet your daily operating costs.

Put Your New Funds Toward any Need

When you’re approved for our generous, low-interest loans, you can put the money toward any current need. Many of our clients choose to do the following things with their loans:

  • Consolidate debt
  • Acquire or merge with another practice
  • Lease or finance medical equipment
  • Improve their practice

It doesn’t matter to us how you choose to use our financing. As long as it benefits you and your patients in some way, we’ve done our duty.

Benefits of Our Loans

There are many different types of loans you could potentially get to provide your healthcare practice with working capital. Here are a few reasons you might want to choose our healthcare financing program:

  • We don’t report these loans to your personal credit bureaus
  • We offer terms up to 72 months
  • You are not required to make any payments up-front

Additionally, we don’t require full financials unless you need a loan that’s at least $75,000. For amounts lower than that, we only require an application. Contact us today to apply.