Equipment Financing To Invest in Your Team’s Growth

Your business needs equipment to operate effectively. At Rhino Commercial Capital, we can help you get the tools you need with financing and leasing options. Whether you need to buy backhoes or software, we can provide you with affordable and reliable options. We offer advantages such as fast approval and turnaround times.

Equipment Financing

If you want to purchase equipment to own it, we offer financing options. Some of the benefits of working with Rhino Commercial Capital for financing include simple applications for smaller purchases, low (or no) down payments, various payment structures and large amounts available for big-ticket items. We can provide loans for all types of equipment. These are some of the special programs we offer:

  • Startup: If you have a new business and need equipment to get started, we can help. You do not need to have established revenue yet.
  • Poor Credit: If you have less-than-perfect credit, don’t worry. We can still help you get the tools and machines you need to get back on track.

Equipment Leasing

There are some significant tax and accounting advantages to leasing your equipment instead of purchasing it outright. Additionally, you can keep your cash and credit lines open for other needs by choosing equipment leasing. Perhaps the most significant benefit, however, is the opportunity to avoid obsolescence. Investing a lot of money in buying equipment doesn’t make sense if it will be valueless in a few years. These are some of the options we offer for leasing:

  • Government Leases: If you are a representative of a government entity, we can offer guaranteed approval. These are some examples of the types of agencies that can take advantage of this:
    • Federal agencies
    • State agencies
    • Emergency services
    • Uniformed services
    • School systems
  • Sale and Lease Back: If you need cash now, sell us your equipment and we will lease it back to you. This will give you the money you need now to invest while you still get to use your tools and machines.

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